Treatment that corrects the cause of disease
When you visit Dr. Joseph Refkin, D.C., you can expect personalized care to determine the most effective, custom treatment options for you.

Customized Physiotherapy in Merrillville, Gary, and Crown Point Area of Indiana

Dr. Joseph Refkin, D.C. understands that a physiotherapy program is based on the individual, and no two programs are the same. Dr. Refkin, D.C. will monitor your movement patterns, alignment and habits in order to develop an individualized physiotherapy program that is unique to your needs. Call our chiropractic clinic in Merrillville, Indiana, today to schedule your appointment.
No matter if you are suffering from a chronic health problem such as arthritis or are have suffered a car accident injury, Dr. Joseph Refkin, D.C. can help you regain the strength and movement that you need to get back to doing the things you love. Enhance your healing process with supporting therapies.
Dr. Joseph Refkin, D.C. can offer you supporting therapies that can benefit your chiropractic treatments and speed up the recover-time.
These non-invasive treatments include:
Physical Therapy — Physical Therapy Merrillville, IN


Physiotherapy – helps you become stronger and teaches you how to use your body so that you reduce the risk of an injury reoccurring
Massage Therapy — Physical Therapy Merrillville, IN

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy- improves circulation and helps your muscles and soft tissue repair faster
Strengthening — Physical Therapy Merrillville, IN


Strengthening – increases your range of motion, improves your balance and coordination to prevent further injuries